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Scholastic League of Legends at PlayVS

League of Legends artwork

League of Legends

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is one of the world’s most popular video games. It features team-based competitive game modes based on strategy and outplaying opponents.

PC, Mac
5 players per team

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Ways to Play

Learn about the ways League of Legends is played in our leagues below:

How It’s Played

League of Legends is a complex game involving both high-level strategy and fast-paced gameplay. Skilled players know how to beat the opponent in front of them, while keeping the macro-elements in mind to support their team to victory.

The Game

Each team of 5 assigns their players to different areas of Summoner’s Rift to face off against opponents and attempt to gain control of an area.

The Action

As the game progresses, players complete a variety of tasks, including collecting computer-controlled minions, removing turrets (which protect each team’s side of the map respectively), and eliminating champions (player-controlled characters).

The Goal

Players use the gold they earn from objectives to power up their champion and increase their team's control of the map. When a team is able to use those advantages to move into the enemy team’s base and break their Nexus, they secure the victory.
League of Legends scoreboard

Publisher Integration

PlayVS is fully integrated with the League of Legends API to create a seamless experience so that your matches are all tracked and recorded instantly.

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