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Become a High School Esports Coach

If you have a desire to support your students' passion, you have what it takes to be an esports coach.

Join a Passionate, Nationwide Community

Our coach network is a lively, supportive community. Connect with esports coaches around the country as they share tips, strategies, and, of course, memes.

No Experience Needed

Your students just need an opportunity. By being the positive adult role model in the room, you're giving them all they need.

Build Relationships with Other Coaches

Competitive gameplay, the most popular titles, and a full suite of features, PlayVS is where amateur esports lives.

Engage Students Where They Want to Be

Your students are already playing video games. Esports meets them where they're at and provides necessary structure for them to grow.

Learn how you can start coaching esports today

You Coach,
We Do The Rest

Esports is about the players. We help keep it that way.

Live Matchday Support

Our team of esports specialists are on standby every match day. Technical problems, account issues, opponent confusion — they're available to handle any problems you may encounter.

League Operations

Scheduling, logistics, leagues, playoffs and seeding — we handle all of it. Those hours you save free you up to focus on what matters: your students.

State Championships

By participating in esports we can provide your students an opportunity to earn a varsity letter and compete for a state championship.

Publisher Integrations

We partner with some of the biggest publishers on the planet. These relationships allow us to integrate their titles for accurate, timely stats and a seamless matchday experience.

More Time With
Your Students

Save time and money with PlayVS. No long two-hour bus rides, no coordinating officiating crews, and no scheduling fields or courts.

“Many of the students I coach have found a community and a home in our esports program.”

Ashley Hodge
Colquitt County High School

For those who go above and beyond

The Super Coach program supports and empowers our most talented and committed advocates on the ground. We've witnessed incredible enthusiasm from coaches who go above and beyond their mandate. This program shines a spotlight on them.

Our Super Coach program rewards the efforts of an exclusive group of the most dedicated PlayVS coaches. Not only do they have a say in our product and league experiences, they also assist other coaches get their esports programs off the ground. We select Super Coaches once a year and reward them with exclusive perks for all that they do. We even went to some of their schools to hear them talk about their PlayVS experience.

Ashley Hodge

Let your students' passion power your program. As a coach, your only job is to support that enthusiasm and empower your players to thrive.

Timothy Evans

Super Coach Evans’ video has everything: student interviews, a clean-lookin’ computer lab, and footage of the Wolfe County High wolf. If you're wondering about esports at your school, watch this…

Justin Tolbert

Justin Tolbert is the epitome of going the extra mile. He even made an unboxing video for the shipment of exclusive Super Coach gear we sent. Check it out!

“This program has definitely helped the coaches feel more comfortable in taking on something new and unfamiliar.”

Timothy Evans
Super Coach
Wolfe County High School


Bring Esports to
Your Students

Sign up today to unlock your students' untapped potential. And have some fun while you do it.