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Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a wildly popular, vibrant, team-based multiplayer game featuring 6v6 matches full of tactics and technical ability.

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How it’s Played

Overwatch is a complex game involving high-level macro strategy with fast-paced, first-person gameplay. Top players execute their role — tank, damage, or support — in service of the team's ultimate goal.

The Game

Each of a team's six players selects a character. Characters excel in one of three categories: tank, damage, and support. Teams compete across three game modes: Assault, Control, and Escort.

The Action

Each match will be a best-of-three games across three game modes: Control, Assault, and Escort. Teams will battle against one another until either the objective is completed or time runs out.

The Goal

In Control, teams fight to hold a single objective. In Assault, one team fights to capture a series of objectives while their opponents hold them off until time runs out. In Escort, a team escorts a payload to a delivery point while their opponents try to stop them.

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