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PlayVS is the official high school esports league.

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You’re already out there competing. It’s time to take that to the next level. PlayVS is the esports league that gives high school students the chance to compete for a state championship.

The exclusive partner of the NFHS

When a student participates in sports and activities, the competitions are sanctioned through their state’s high school association. The National Federation of State High School Associations writes the rules and governance used by each state.

Similar to traditional sports like football, basketball, and soccer — the NFHS is adding esports to their roster of competitions. To do this, they have partnered with PlayVS to operate esports leagues to their network of over 19,500 high schools nationwide.

Matches will be shown alongside the other 50,000 high school sports events broadcasted on the NFHS Network this year.

Our inaugural season

Preseason October

Students will test their skill and solidify their team in a series of exhibition matches. These low-stakes matches will only affect each team's seeds at the beginning of the Regular Season.

Regular Season October until December

The fight for the State Championship begins! Each state is split into four conferences. During the Regular Season students compete in at least eight weekly matches against opponents with similar win ratios.

Postseason January

Top teams from each conference will compete against each other in the playoffs to secure their spot at the State Championship. Championships will take place at high schools or other venues within each state.

More on our league structure

Compete at school

We legitimize high school esports play, bringing the act of gaming from an at-home activity to one where students are on-campus, surrounded by their teammates.

No cuts

There’s no limit to how many teams can form at the varsity level, giving all participants the opportunity to compete within the league.


An all-inclusive program; students of all genders can equally participate and demonstrate their attitudes and abilities.

Live audiences

Players feel the exhilaration of a crowd as fans attend via live stream or locally at many league matches.


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School Faculty

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Reinforce your students' interest in technology and STEM.

Oversee a new and exciting on-campus activity.

College Recruiters

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