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VALORANT - Youth Program | PlayVS


Developed by Riot Games, VALORANT is an immensely popular, tactical action game known for its precision and strategic teamplay. It features 5v5 matches where quick thinking and tactical skills are key.

5 Players per team
Sci-Fi Action

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Ways to Play

VALORANT is available as an official Youth Program league starting this Spring 2024

Youth Program

Genre: Sci-Fi Action
Competition Format: 5 vs 5
System: PC


Match Instructions


What Is Valorant?

How it’s Played

VALORANT combines tactical gameplay with unique agent abilities, requiring a balance of skill and strategy. Players must choose their role — Controller, Duelist, Initiator, or Sentinel — to support their team. Matches are best of three format. 

The Game

Each team consists of five players, each selecting an agent with unique abilities. The game's objective revolves around strategic positioning and use of abilities to achieve team goals.

The Action

Games are a series of rounds where teams switch between attacking and defending. Each round requires tactical coordination, with the goal to either successfully complete the objective or outmaneuver the opposing team.

The Goal

In each round, the attacking team's goal is to complete a specific objective at a designated site, while the defending team aims to prevent this objective completion. A team wins the game after successfully winning a combined total of at least 13 rounds as either the Attackers or Defenders. The first team to win two games wins the match.

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