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Why eSports?

Coach Esports with PlayVS

Colorado needs YOU! G.M. Gutierrez from Strasburg High wants you to join the fastest-growing sport in the country: esports. Engage your students and watch them thrive.

What Super Coach Gutierrez Has to Say

G.M. Gutierrez

English Teacher
Strasburg H.S.

Esports helps schools reach a segment of the student population traditionally shut out of school-sponsored team activities. Educators and parents know that students who are involved in school-related activities and who form bonds with interested adults do better academically. I have already seen several of my players who struggle academically take a more proactive interest in their grades and coursework since we started playing. Esports give these students the opportunity to work together as a team and to earn recognition from their school community.

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New to Esports and Coaching? No Problem.

We provide a turnkey solution for building and managing your school's esports team. Our platform handles everything from registration to match day, giving you all the tools you need to let your students thrive. With PlayVS, it's never been easier to spark engagement across the entire student body.

If You Can Teach, You Can Coach

You have the skills. We provide the tools.

✓ No Experience Needed

Students just need a leader and mentor, not a gaming pro. That's why the PlayVS platform handles everything to help make your coaching experience a breeze.

✓ Flexible Time Commitment

Coaching esports isn't another full-time job. Matches only take place once a week and practice days/times are completely up to you. Regardless of how you choose to run your program, your students will love you for it.

✓ No Travel Required

All competition takes place in the comfort of your school. No airfare, no weekends away from home, no bumpy rides across town in a yellow bus. Your classroom is your practice facility and matchday arena.

Ready to get started? Join Super Coach Gutierrez today and help your students reach their potential!