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High School SMITE at PlayVS

In-game SMITE screenshot


SMITE is a free-to-play online game developed by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. It features a large pool of playable characters from ancient mythology who engage in session-based team combat.

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Ways to Play

Find more information about how to play SMITE below:

How It’s Played

In the core competitive game mode of SMITE - Conquest - players work with their team to destroy enemy Towers, siege enemy Phoenixes, and bring down the Titan before their opponent can do the same.

The Game

Conquest is a 5v5 mode in SMITE that features a three-lane map with jungle areas in between. On either end of the map, each team has a base that's defended by three Phoenixes and a formidable Titan.

The Action

Each team assigns players to different roles and lanes on the map. One player on each team typically occupies the jungle area and roves around the map to support teammates throughout the game.

The Goal

Using their character's unique abilities, players must cooperate to secure specific objectives. Players earn currency for defeating enemies or taking down these objectives, and they spend this currency on items to power up their characters even more. In this 5v5 mode, games typically last about 30 minutes.

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