It's time to expand the definition of athlete

Every kid has talent, skills, and brains in their own unique way and school curriculums have adapted to reflect that. It’s time sports became just as inclusive. Welcome to PlayVS, the official high school esports league. This is the future of high school sports.

What is esports?

Esports officially stands for electronic sports, but it’s much more than that. You can think of esports as competitive video gaming with a team, or you can think of it as playing soccer, while playing chess, and dodgeball.

While all esports are video games, not all video games are esports. What sets esports apart are the same characteristics of traditional sports: competition, teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and leadership.

Why esports?

Organized esports have many of the same benefits as traditional sports and activities such as debate and chess.

Strategic Thinking

Students won’t just out play each other, they will problem solve and out think each other in real time.


Students will build character and develop discipline, self-esteem, patience and sportsmanship.


Students will have a sense of belonging, meet new friends, and develop school pride.


Students will learn how to work on a team, communicate better, and become leaders.

How to get started

Partner with us to be a pioneer of esports at your high school and bring home the state title.

  • Be a Coach

    Create a profile for your school and loop in IT.

  • Build Teams

    Organize students across a variety of esports.

  • Compete Weekly

    Login to on campus, no travel required.

  • Win a Championship

    Bring home the state title. All the glory, no guts.

"We picked up video games as an extracurricular activity and kids who are not into sports found this as another outlet to express themselves."

Philip J.

Atlanta, GA

Compete for the State Championship

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