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Your Guide To Everything PlayVS

From helpful guides to program support, we’ve got everything you need to enrich your PlayVS experience.

Getting Started

Starting an esports program can easily be done in about two weeks:

Week 1

  • Sign up for a PlayVS account.
  • Solicit support from administrators and your IT department.

Week 2

  • Let students know about it (you WILL have interest -- trust us).
  • Build your team from interested students and you're all set for the season!
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What about equipment?

Most schools already have the computers needed to compete. If you have questions about IT, specs, or equipment let us know. We’d love to help you out.

Get started for free!

Rather than spending hundreds in administrative and transportation costs as in other sports, players can focus on playing and coaches can focus on coaching. PlayVS handles the rest.

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