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We offer a variety of pricing plans to suit the wide-ranging needs of each school.
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No billing necessary
  • Access to some competitions
  • Unlimited players
  • Unlimited scrimmages
  • Personalized player cards
  • Basic support
Unlimited access and players to PlayVS esports competitions.


Billed once per school year
  • Unlimited access to all competitions
  • Unlimited access to all titles
  • Unlimited players
  • Unlimited scrimmages
  • All League of Legends Champions unlocked
  • Exclusive in-game content
  • Personalized player cards
  • Proprietary scouting tools
  • $250 PlayVS store voucher
  • 24/7 premium tech support
Available exclusively in partnered states, compete only in sanctioned PlayVS Varsity leagues.


Billed once per school year
  • Unlimited access to Varsity competitions
  • Access to all Varsity titles
  • One team per school per esport
  • Unlimited scrimmages
  • All League of Legends Champions unlocked
  • Exclusive in-game content
  • Personalized player cards
  • 24/7 premium tech support
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We Make Esports Easy

Competitive gameplay, the most popular titles, and a full suite of features, PlayVS is where amateur esports lives.

More time with students,
Less time with logistics

Our platform does the work of practice, scheduling, travel, and scouting legwork. Eliminating these tasks saves coaches about 15 hours, or more, per week.

Our Partners

Empower Our Players

From the NFHS Network to state associations to the biggest game publishers in the world — our relationships enable us to provide an exclusive, premium esports experience. We‘ll handle things while you focus on play.

Scholastic Growth and The Collegiate Path

Engaged students perform better (e.g. better test scores & behavior). Esports appeals to a wider audience than most sports. Colleges are offering tens of millions of dollars in scholarships every year.

The Affordable High School Sport

Impact and engage just as many students, for less.

PlayVS Premium Plan

/ per student per school year
Assuming a program size of 25 Players
  • No Travel Required
  • No risk of long-term physical harm
  • Millions in college scholarships
  • Direct path to fast growing industry (gaming)
  • Open to all students regardless of gender or ability

Traditional Sports

/ per child, per sport, per school year
Fees calculated on average cost per season of U.S. high school sports
  • Millions in college scholarships
  • No travel required
  • No risk of long-term physical harm
  • Direct path to fast growing industry (gaming)
  • Open to all students regardless of gender or ability
Source: The National Youth Sport Survey (Aspen Institute)
“This year we spent nearly $50,000 on our football program, over $80,000 on our girls and boys basketball teams combined. Starting our esports program cost us less than $1,000 and allows us to include and interact with students who otherwise would not be involved in co-curricular activities.”
From an Athletic Director,
in Connecticut

Focus on your teams, We’ll handle the rest.

Our team is dedicated to providing an optimal, painless esports experience that frees you up to focus on your program and your players.

Premiere Matchday Experience

No worrying about scheduling. No wondering who your opponent is. You show up. You play your match. We take care of the rest.

Scrimmage Makes Perfect

Matchdays are for performance. Scrimmages let you work on strategies and communication in a lower-stakes, but still competitive, environment.

Built-in Competitive Frameworks

We support all types of competition for our scholastic leagues from hybrid-swiss to one-off tournaments to round robin-style group play.

Roster Management Tools

Our platform helps you make substitutions, configure your roster, keep track of performance, and keep in contact with your team.

Historical Stats & Standings

Track player progress with our detailed statistics. Keep track of where you stand with your state and regional rankings.

Student Privacy Pledge

As a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, we are committed to respecting the privacy of our players and their schools.

Scouting Tools

Who's dangerous in front of goal? What junglers do you need to be aware of? Find these answers and more with our range of scouting tools.

Direct Publisher Partnerships

Riot, Epic, Psyonix, and HiRez all entrust us to integrate their titles with our product. What's that mean for you? More stats. Easy match days.

Customer Support

Our esports specialists are standing-by to help you every step of the way. From on-boarding to activation, to match-days to IT, they're here to help.

Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

Esports benefits students in dozens of ways, so it’s crucial schools offer it. However, every school is different and we want to work with you to ensure your needs are met as well as those of your students. Get in touch with us and we can design an esports plan that works.

One Esport Plan

Only interested in competing in one esport? Contact our team for special pricing.

Title 1 or Low SES

Do you and your players have trouble finding the right funding? We can help.

All Girls Program

Our mission is to make esports for everyone, that’s why we’re offering incentives to programs with all girls.

Having budget concerns? We can work with you.

Let Us Help You Bring Esports to Your School

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