Player Pricing

PlayVS season passes give players access to all features, perks and benefits of our esports program. Passes may be subsidized by schools or paid for by parents.

Season Pass


Per student, per season
One time payment

Program Benefits

Tournament Engine

A season pass covers all match scheduling, tournament brackets, playoffs and the State Championship.

Game Partnerships

We partner directly with publishers to create a seamless experience for coaches and players.


PlayVS provides playbooks, guides and clinics for players and coaches to level up their gameplay.

Stats & Highlights

Accessible stats and highlights help coaches align strategies to improve overall team performance.

Our Coaches

Thanks so much, I appreciate all of your team's hard work! This is such an amazing opportunity for all the kids around the country. So thankful to be part of this history!

Coach UngarWeston, CT

I have seen firsthand the impact that esports can have on students, especially ones who have been largely disengaged with learning. Esports has a future in education.

Coach MagoffinOrange, MA

Thank you all for doing this. The kids that are participating here have dramatically pulled up their grades to be eligible. It gives this small group a reason to come to school.

Coach TurnerLaFayette, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my school subsidizing my pass?

We work directly with schools to streamline this process for players so your coach will be the best person to tell you how to get a Season Pass.

Do I bring my own computer?

If you prefer, but it’s not required. We’ll work with your school’s IT team to see if your school has equipment that meets our system requirements.

What do I need to play?

You need a computer that passes our benchmark test, a mouse, a keyboard, and a love for the game. Headsets are recommended, but not required.

Can I play all year?

Yes! There are two seasons per school year, which means you can compete in the fall and in the spring. Since season passes are good for one season, you’ll just need two season passes to do so. Game on.

What if I’ve never played on a team?

Now is always a good time to start! Ask your coach about when the next practice is and see how you can get started. There are no cuts, so newbies are welcome! Chances are you won’t be the only one.

What are my payment options?

Payments can be made by credit card, ACH, wire, or check. We also provide schools with quotes and invoices with P.O. numbers. Contact us at for more information.

Get started

Administrators and players can create accounts and start the school approval process. Once your school is verified, get ready to lead your team to victory!