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The Weekly Scrimmage Hub

Scrimmages are live and we’re dishing out weekly rewards to the teams that play.

May 04, 2020

We recently added functionality to our platform that allows teams to scrimmage any team, at any time, from anywhere. Frankly, we’re pretty excited about it and we think you’ll be too. To help spread that excitement, we’re running a series of weekly events for teams who scrimmage. Each week, we’ll announce a new event, in addition to randomly selecting and rewarding the previous week’s winner. This blog will be updated weekly, so check back regularly! 

Prizes will change. Conditions will change. But, the fundamentals are constant: if you play, you can win. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Rocket League competition is like in Alaska or Hawaii or West Texas, scrimmage a school from those places and you’ll have an answer.

Week 5 (5/4)
Speaking from one PlayVS employee’s perspective, the concept of ‘time’ has become pretty fungible. What’s a ‘week’ really? Are we still doing ‘days’? Does my dog need a 13th birthday party or is sleeping 18 hours a day its own reward?

This is a roundabout way of saying, we’re switching it up this week. Instead of weekly rewards, we’re moving to DAILY. That’s correct — a new winner picks a new reward every weekday this week. Every day, from 5/4-5/8, we’ll pick a random winner out of any school that completes at least ONE scrimmage. Those winners can pick from one of three prizes. Schools can only win once (we want to spread the love, after all). So, get in some scrims this week and you could unlock one of these three strong, program-altering rewards.

The Prize(s)
Annual Pass ($2,000 value)
-5x Alloy Core RGB keyboards ($250 value)
-Pro Streamer Bundle ($350 value)

Week 4 (4/27)

Ya know how we mentioned Twitch streams last week? Well, we got to thinking as we sat (remotely) around the office: what if we helped more programs stream? And, because things happen quickly, our new reward this week is a Pro Streamer Package to help you bring all that action to the masses. Esports is for the people, so don’t confine your ganks, dunks, owns, and pogs to your school’s library. Stream them for the people! And, maybe your family.

How do you get one of these packages? Be one of the teams who completes the MOST scrimmages between now and May 3 11:59 PDT. It’s that simple. Coaches, tell your players. Players, tell your coaches. It’s scrim season. Let’s go.

The Prize
ONE Pro Streamer Bundle: Elgato Stream Deck and Elgato Game Capture HD60 S (valued at $350).

The Academy of Information Technology - Stamford, CT
Barrington High School - Barrington, RI
St John Bosco High School - Bellflower, CA

Week 3 (4/20)

We’re loving the feedback and fun anecdotes we've heard from everybody: cross-country classics, early-morning melees, and plenty of Twitch streams. Keep it up! This week, we’re calling on all of you who haven’t scrimmaged yet to get in on the fun. If that’s you, all you have to do is complete ONE SCRIMMAGE and you could unlock one of those shiny, new Annual Passes for your program. So, sign up if you haven’t, scrimmage, and get ready for that sweet, sweet cheese.

The Prize
ONE Fall 2020 Annual Pass (two seasons — Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 — of PlayVS for up to 25 players, valued at $2000).

Sharon Springs Central School - Sharon Springs, NY
Medway High School - Medway, MA

Week 2 (4/13)

Last week, people got their first taste of scrims and the results are in — they’re extremely good. So, for the folks who weren’t able to get two scrims in we’re giving out the SAME PRIZE AS LAST WEEK. Everybody who completes TWO scrimmages before April 19 at 11:59 PM PDT is eligible for some more equally delicious cheese/prizes.

The Prize
ONE Fall 2020 Annual Pass (two seasons — Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 — of PlayVS for up to 25 players, valued at $2000).

Liberty Christian School - Huntington Beach, CA
California Crosspoint Academy - Hayward, CA
Punahou School - Honolulu, HI

Week 1 (4/6)

Scrims are here and we want teams to get in on the fun. This week the requirements are simple. To be eligible, simply complete at least TWO scrimmages before April 12 at 11:59 PM PDT. That’s it. Play, then play again, and you’re eligible for the cheese. That’s what we call prizes.

The Prize
ONE Fall 2020 Annual Pass
This is good for two seasons — Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 — of PlayVS (up to 25 players, valued at $2000).

The King's Academy - Woodstock, GA
Gloucester High School - Gloucester, VA
Andover High School - Andover, MA

Check back next week. We'll have another prize to give away!

Not signed up yet? Activate your teams now and you could be scrimmaging by the end of the day.

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