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High School Spring 2022 Updates #3

A look at league health, feature updates and player experience

Nov 15, 2021
To PlayVS Coaches, 

Creating the best matchday experience is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve here at PlayVS. As many of you prepare for the upcoming Fall playoffs, and look ahead to the Spring season, we want to continue our open discussion regarding improving our player experience. This is at the core of everything we do, from features we build, to how we develop schedules, to our customer experience team who handles any match day issues. Varsity esports is ever growing and something that we are in a unique position to shape and build, together. 

A few weeks ago, we began reaching out individually to our coaches regarding one of the most impactful metrics for player experience, forfeits. Since then, we’ve had great discussions with coaches across the country about our shared responsibility in showing up for our players and  opponents and what we can do to make the process easier and set good expectations. The impact was almost immediate. We saw a 17% decrease in forfeits in our Fall ‘21 leagues with a 50% or less match completion rate. 

Additionally, we saw the new features that we’re building, working to our community’s benefit. For the Fall, we launched a Match Check-In tool and Match Day Lobby chat. Matches with completed check-ins had an overall 35% higher match completion rate and over half the forfeit rate when compared to matches with no check-ins at all. We also saw strong engagement with Match Day Lobby chat, with a strong majority of our coaches using the chat feature for their matches with over 300,0000 messages being sent already this season. We also received great positive feedback that the chat feature has significantly improved communication between schools. 

As our team strives to continue to improve our player experience for Spring, we wanted to share some additional areas of focus.


  • As we wrap Fall, our continued goal is to deliver more regular updates to our community. In addition to our weekly Coach Notes which include pertinent league and schedule updates, we also provide weekly Community Round-Ups highlighting our incredible players and teams from the season. 
  • We have also committed to providing more transparency around larger considerations for our community as a whole through these blog post updates, where we speak to our league health and the tools and features we are building to improve it. 
  • Feedback is incredibly important to us. We’ve built in-product surveys to capture feedback after every single match, in addition to sending out mid and postseason surveys to collect qualitative feedback. 

Season Readiness

  • For the Spring season, we’ve opened enrollment earlier than ever before and extended pre-season by one week to provide Coaches with time to secure equipment and space as well as host tryouts and run practices ahead of the season. During this time, our team will also prioritize partnering with Coaches to troubleshoot any hardware or IT issues ahead of the season. 

We are building something unique here together. We look forward to continuing on this journey with all of you. Playoffs are just around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate all the teams and the journey they each had to make it there. 

The PlayVS Team