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Social Shoutouts: A December to Remember

Check-ins from all of the states that begin with ‘A’. Plus, possibly the coolest victory photo we’ve seen this season. Staple your socks to your pants cause it’s another edition of Social Shoutouts!

Dec 09, 2019

At PlayVS, we’re obviously excited about esports. And, one of the things we love to see is students, coaches, parents and schools who are as excited as we are. As the fall season accelerates towards the playoffs, we’re overwhelmed by the cool things we see and hear from the PlayVS and we’d just like to say thank you. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your dedication. And, most importantly, thank you for your posts.

9-0 On A Thursday

Twitter: @BrophyEsports

Catch ‘em on Twitch Too!

Observe the Brophy College Prep (AZ) Rocket League program flexin’ on everybody in the most college preparatory school way possible: with the Greek alphabet. Teams Eta, Sigma and Iota all swept their way to a Flawless Thursday (trademark pending). Clear eyes, fast cars, can’t lose. That’s a powerful Thursday.

Bison-mode Rocket League

IG: @esports_sunset_gaming

The Sunset High (TX) Bisons dropped the hammer on their opponents with a clean sweep. A series of videos shows calm confidence and solid sportsmanship with gg’s all around. Texas keeps showing up on here for a reason. They’re the gamer state.

The Alaska Kings Have Logged On

Twitter: @Esportsacs

If you’re hittin’ the rift from Alaska, these five are comin’ for your towers. Recognize the Anchorage Christian School League of Legends team, currently 5th in the state based on a recent tweet. We support team pictures of any sort but we ESPECIALLY support team pictures of a candid nature. Stay warm up there, Lions.

High Resolution SMITE Perfection

IG: @bjhsesports

The SMITE kings at Bob Jones High School (AL) are rolling through the Fall 2019 season without losing. That’s not easy. What’s even more impressive is this extremely portrait mode mid-match picture. It captures SMITE action, a lot of detail and couple of stoic lookin’ gamers keeping that streak alive.

The Absolute Squad

This isn’t even a social media post. It’s from an article about a Colorado high school (Estes Park). This is the good stuff. Hot off the first win of their inaugural season, this picture encapsulates the excitement and giddiness that sort of thing fuels in any gamer who’s picked up a controller. You really do love to see it.

Schedules are out for the final weeks of the Fall 2019 season and it's time to make that final push towards the playoffs. Keep posting and show us what you got.