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The Play From Home Help Zone

It's likely you've got some free time at the moment. So, why not game from home?

Mar 17, 2020

Even if you can't compete with us, now is still a good time to get in some quality gaming hours with your people. With that in mind, we put together some resources to ensure you have the best experience possible. We'll update this page regularly.

Stay Connected

We have a wealth of technology that makes socializing remotely easy.

Discord - There's a Discord server for pretty much anything. It's a great way to stay connected. If you have a PlayVS account, hop into our Discord server!

Twitch - If you haven't messed around with Twitch, we can't imagine a better time to check it out. Watch and interact with entertaining, talented people as they stream video games and board games, or just chat. If you were just planning on playing video games, why not start your own channel. It'll give people a chance to meet you wherever you're at. Also, check out this helpful guide from ESPN for streaming your favorite video games.

Stay Active

Being inside can encourage inactivity. But don't worry! We've got exercises and stretches specifically for esports athletes.

Check out more healthy gamer habits from the folks at GamerDoc: Physicians with a passion for all things esports.

Get more helpful guides from 1HP, a resource for the gaming community to learn and apply simple advice to live a healthy life.

Being cooped up inside for an extended amount of time can be mentally challenging. Fortunately, Headspace has opened up some of their content to help people deal with our current reality.

Celebrate the Highs

What better time to see the best teams in states all over the country claim their respective titles in the Fall 2019 championships!

Rocket League

League of Legends

Or, have a look at the best plays from the first two weeks of the College Fortnite Spring 2020 season:

Try Something New

You've likely got some free time. Why not give a game you're less familiar with a try. Some of our coaches put together some excellent resources to get up to speed on Rocket League and League of Legends.

What We're Listening To

Keep Yr Distance But Stay Close Playlist
"It's relaxing and diverse. My girlfriend makes good playlists." - Aaron (Copywriter)

Cleaning Kit Playlist
"Because we can all use some happy tunes while doing the dreaded house cleaning." - Jenn (Lifecycle Marketing)

The Blue Stones - Black Holes
"I know blues rock doesn't seem like the best choice for a quarantine but these guys are so talented - could listen to this album daily in perpetuity." - Ryan (Digital Marketing)

Cymande - "Dove"
"I have this song on repeat because all good stories have conflict and resolution; It's the theme for the montage that takes place right between the two." - Sean (Interactive Designer)