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New Feature: Team Captains

Think you got what it takes to be a leader? Then, you just might be a team captain.

Sep 16, 2020

Our product team is relentless. When us humble content creators are asleep, they’re… well they’re probably also asleep. But when they’re awake, good gravy do they make magic happen. That’s why we like to call out exciting new product features they implement that enhance the experience of any player or coach using our platform.

Today, we’re proud to announce the creation of a new role designation for PlayVS College Fortnite and Rocket League players, Team Captain. Team Captains allow coaches and program heads to delegate some responsibility to any player on their team with a single click.

Team Captains can create a team and enroll that team into our National Fortnite league or any of our Rocket League leagues, as well as manage coach created teams, and re-assign their captain role.

This first iteration of empowering players to lead their teams within our platform is just the beginning. We’ll be rolling out enhanced functionality, more flexibility, and additional player roles in the future.

However, we’re most excited to empower players to run their own Fortnite and Rocket League teams and, hopefully, allow more schools and teams to compete for our massive scholarship prizing against the best teams in North America. If you’d like a demonstration of how this feature works, click here to learn more and take the product tour to get up to speed.

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