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New Feature Features: Player Profiles

Scout opponents, flex your strengths, and represent your esports self across social media easier than ever before with our new Player Profile feature.

Aug 07, 2020

Like the anime heroes we both respect and revere in equal measure, PlayVS’ platform is becoming more powerful at an alarming rate. Frankly, we love to see it and that growth is all aimed at improving the experience for our community. We feel it’s important to remember that these improvements are only possible because of the talents and effort of the people responsible for turning ideas into reality.

Our New Feature Features series pulls back the curtain on the PlayVS employees powering the latest features. Today, we sat down with the identity team to get the details on one of our newest product features: Player Profiles.

So, you’re the PlayVS identity team, how would you describe what this team does?

Nick Lesec Hey there! I’m Nick Lesec, Product Manager for the Identity team. Today, you’ll be hearing from me, our amazing Designer, Jessica Crabb, and one of our genius Software Engineers, Eliezer Abate. The Identity team is a brand new team at PlayVS, and we’re thrilled to tell you about what we do. We build features to capture who players are as esports athletes, plug them into a vibrant esports community, and help them get noticed. There’s a lot that goes into that but it all starts with Player Profiles, which we’re very excited about.

How did the idea of player profiles come about?

Jessica Crabb Earlier this year, I spoke with some of our Super Coaches to understand their needs around scouting opponents' League of Legends teams. The earliest concepts for player profiles were included in those one-on-one interviews. We got some incredibly actionable feedback on ways we could help coaches understand player performance at a high level, and we took those ideas and ran with them.

What went into determining what would be in the first iteration of this feature? What sort of research did you do?

Jessica Crabb Internally, I ran a few brainstorms, stakeholder interviews, and group sketching sessions to get ideas from some of the smartest folks in esports – PlayVS employees. Then, we spoke with players, coaches, and parents to understand their needs — specifically, around learning from and sharing a player’s esports information online. We included a few versions of a profile in those conversations – mobile and web – and stripped it down to what was undeniably valuable.

I got to ask my favorite question – "What would you change about PlayVS if I handed you a magic wand?" – and some of the answers, integrating with Twitch for livestreams for example, are in this launch.

What do you want players to know about this feature? What can they do with it?

Eliezer Abate The profile page is a snapshot in the history of a player’s budding esports career. Stats like KDA, win rate, gold per minute and many others are tracked and featured in an easy-to-digest way. Players can also see how they stack up against each other by viewing how they rank within their league in different statistical categories.

Additionally, we encourage players to connect their Twitch accounts and display their skills to other members of our community. This allows players (and soon, recruiters) to study their gameplay or simply share a stream of a scrimmage or a game.

Where are stats pulled from?

Eliezer Abate For each game our athletes play, we get our stats directly from the game which could be one of Fortnite, League of Legends, Rocket League, or Smite. This gives players and coaches the ability to view a player’s pre-season, regular season, and playoff stats. The idea is to be able to track their improvement over time — something we’ve anecdotally heard is very satisfying for players to see.

What’s next for future iterations of player profiles? How can players give feedback on player profiles?

Nick Lesec Great question. We’ll be sending out surveys periodically for player feedback, but the fastest way to give feedback on profiles is to email our product team at: We’d love to hear from you!

We’re proud of the thoughtful, difficult work Nick, Eliezer and Jessica poured into Player Profiles and we’re excited to get it out into the world. Like Nick said, we want to hear from you. So, let us know how this thing feels to you so we can keep making it better. Keep an eye out for more New Feature Features as the PlayVS platform grows!