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Introducing Scrimmage Queuing

Making it easier to connect teams looking for a match.

Mar 07, 2022

We look forward to matchdays as much as your teams do and understand how important the ability to play each week is for your programs. To help players have that chance every week, we are excited to announce we are launching a new feature in the product to make the process to find a new match, after a forfeit, as easy as possible. 

With the click of a button, our new Match Queuing tool will put you into a queue with a pool with other teams looking for a competitive match at the same time and match you much more seamlessly if there is another team available. The queuing tool is available for all of our titles. 

These new matches will act as scrimmages and will not affect team or league standings. Schools will be paired with the most immediately available team and could include teams outside of your league and at different skill levels. We look forward to refining this feature in the near future to pair schools within the same league and at similar skill levels. 

How it works. 

Starting on Monday 3/7  on your matchday page coaches will see a new box up top that says “Eager to play? Queue Up!”. From there once a coach clicks on the box “Find a Match” they will automatically be directed to the queue where our system will search for another team looking for a match at that exact moment.  This feature can be utilized when your opponent forfeits as an easy way of looking for competition in place of your scheduled match.