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Fortnite and PlayVS. For Free.

Fortnite is coming to PlayVS in Spring 2020 -- for high school AND college. It’s also free.

Jan 21, 2020

Recently, we visited East Coweta High School (GA) to interview their coach, Phillip Schultz. During the interview, we told him something that nobody in the general public knew: Fortnite is coming to PlayVS in the spring.

“Oh, dear god. You’re gonna make my life harder. Awesome.”

Sorry, Phil. We’re about to make a lot of coaches lives a little harder. For the Spring 2020 season, PlayVS will feature Fortnite -- as well as League of Legends, Rocket League and SMITE -- as titles available for high school competition. And, while that alone would be plenty to get excited about, there’s more: it’s free for all registered players and you can compete using any device.

PlayVS is also launching in colleges and universities across the country with Fortnite as its first game offering. PlayVS’s expansion into colleges and universities mark the first time that competitive Fortnite will have an official college level format, with a national championship to be held at the end of the season.

“Millions of people are already playing Fortnite - it’s become a part of culture” said Delane Parnell, founder and CEO of PlayVS. “We hope adding the title to our game lineup and expanding platform access to colleges inspires the gamer in everyone to get involved in their school’s programs. Epic’s been an instrumental partner in our mission to create a scalable program with no limitations on participation, and we look forward to working with additional publishers to power our college programs.” 

We’re excited for the opportunity to provide competitive Fortnite to a wider audience. Here’s how it’ll work.

  • Schools will be placed in a regional conference based on their geographic location.
  • Teams will be made up of two players, and will compete as Duos. Schools can register an unlimited amount of teams.
  • High school preseason practice starts the week of February 17, 2020, and the official eight-week season kicks off the week of February 24, 2020.
  • Top teams at the end of the season will advance to playoffs, with the championship match taking place in May.
  • Additionally, every week the three highest-scoring teams from each conference will be automatically guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.
  • Participation is free for all registered players.
  • While any device can be used to compete, players must still compete on campus with a coach.
  • Colleges and universities have until February 26, 2020 to register.

Spring 2020 is gonna be the biggest esports season to date. We can't wait to get started. Click here to sign up.

Update: Starting with the Spring 2021 season, Fortnite will be available for high school students through PlayVS Youth Leagues. Click here for more information. Fortnite will still be available for college through PlayVS College.