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Feature Updates for Fall 2023

Check out some of the exciting new updates you’ll see at PlayVS for the Fall 2023 season.

Sep 21, 2023

Our teams are always listening to our community for ways we can improve the PlayVS experience. Over the past few months, our team has been working to implement many improvements to the platform that will ensure you and your team can have the best season yet!

Match Assistant

We heard from Coaches that keeping track of multiple teams could be a lot of work…so we introduced Match Assistant in Spring 23. Now, Match Assistant is available for most PlayVS titles starting this season. Some highlights include:

  1. Teams will now be able to start matches earlier than the original start time.  Players can “Ready Up” 15 minutes before match time and coaches can “Ready Up” 2 hours before match time. Once a member from each team clicks "Ready", the match will begin. 
  2. Teams can now confirm the roster prior to the start of the match and each game.  Coaches will also be able to swap players from the bench during this step.  If teams were to update the roster mid-match, both teams would need to click “Reset Game/Change Roster” and select their proper roster. 
  3. The last addition to the General Match Assistant will be match reporting.  Each team will be required to confirm who won as they play each game. This will also allow players to submit the match results.  If teams disagree on the results of the match, it will ask each team to try again. 

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

Exciting changes are ahead for Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate! Coaches can find updates in the Rulebook and they’ll also be supported by the Matched Assistant. This season, you’ll notice the following changes to this title:

  1. Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate is now a Best of 5 series (each series is still a Best of 3 games).  This will allow each of your players to always play a meaning matchup & allow some players to even play more than once (potentially against a different opponent the 2nd time)
  2. Roster Updates: There are 2 major updates coming to how rosters work this season.  To start, Rosters will be set at the start of each match, with the match assistant (similar to other titles this season).  Once Rosters are selected, teams will be able to select players to play before each series, with Series 1 being a Blind Pick & Series 2+ allowing the previous losing team to counter-pick. 
  3. To support the previous rule that allowed teams to restrict playing on stages their opponent previously won on, we’re introducing “Free Strikes” for stage striking.  When striking stages, teams will be able to strike any stage their opponent previously won on, in that series, for free. 
  4. Read the Full Rulebook

Rocket League

Not only does Rocket League have a new Match Assistant, but its now available over an integration with the Rocket League developer, Psyonix! This integration will allow PlayVS to invite all players on each team’s roster directly into a match together & PlayVS can display stats from each match played over the integration. 

Read the updated Rulebook and Gameday Protocol

PlayVS Rivals

Challenge accepted! Boost your school’s pride by challenging your rivals! The process is easy for Coaches to request rivals for each of their teams from the manage teams page. Simply go to each team’s Rival tab and search for other teams in your league that also need a Rival.  Once a team is invited to be a Rival, a coach from the opposing team can confirm the rival. With teams selected as Rivals they will be more likely to pair on week 3, Rivals Week!  Note: Teams will not be paired together if they already versed each other week 1 or 2 and if either team had their break week for week 3, we will try to pair them together week 4. 

General Updates 

The PlayVS team has implemented a number of updates that will make gameplay fun and easy this fall for coaches and players alike. 

Preseason Update

Get your team game-ready in Preseason! Now being offered entirely over the queue. Play as much as you want and no longer forfeit by missing a week of gameplay.

New Emotes

BRB, LOL (smiley face emoji)! Liven up your chat with the all-new PlayVS Emotes from the Match Lobby or Global Chat (found next to the notification bell).

Coach Handbook

Some light reading material is now available to coaches! Refresh your knowledge by checking out the Fall ’23 Coach Handbook! 

Stay Plugged In

Calling all Annual Unlimited Plan teams! Don’t miss out on your Stay Plugged In benefits (like scholarship funds!) that players can receive through this incredible partnership. 

Esport Interest

Tired of tracking down your players’ interests? No worries! As players register, they can now set up their own esport interests right from signup.