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Fall 2022 Update #3

Updates and Announcements On Our Fall 2022 High School Season.

Sep 08, 2022


We are super excited to kick off the regular season in a week! 

As you come back to the platform, you may notice some changes and updates from last season. The team has been working hard this summer to bring some significant upgrades to the PlayVS Platform and make your matchday experience better than ever.

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New Updates 

PlayVS Cup Scholarships

For the third year in a row, we will be offering scholarships as part of our PlayVS Cup at the end of the Spring ‘23 season. Details about the PlayVS Cup including prize amounts will be shared soon.

League Unlock - Continuing for Fall 2022 

League Unlock will remain a benefit for all teams competing in League of Legends this season! 

Madden 23

We are excited to officially announce that we will be moving to Madden NFL 23 for PlayStation 4 for the Fall 2022 season.

NBA 2K23 Registration & Schedule

Due to the release date of the latest version of 2K, registration for this league will remain open until 9/30/22, with the regular season starting on 10/10/22. You can check out the entire schedule HERE.

PlayVS Experience Video Walkthroughs

To help you navigate through the PlayVS Experience, our Customer Experience team has created a video guide covering everything from account creation and enrollment to match day setup and playoffs. This YouTube playlist will be your source of info for competing within our community this season.

New Product Features

Smart Scheduler 

In one of our most significant updates, we are excited to announce the Smart Scheduler. In previous seasons, not every team who showed up at a match time ready to compete was able to do so as our former scheduling system did not offer a way to easily match up the affected teams. Working through coach feedback following the Spring '22 season, our goal was to enable the teams to compete as often as possible during their initially scheduled match times.

Built from the ground up by our team of esteemed engineers, the Smart Scheduler is a scheduling method that allows League Officials to adapt to the engagement of the teams while maximizing the number of opportunities for students to compete.

Additonal Resources: 

Practice Days 

This Fall, teams will be able to play in practice matches on Monday between 4PM - 7PM local time. Teams will receive in-app notifications and coaches will be able to join the queue. This feature will be available for all high school titles.

Practice Days will be made available at the start of a league’s regular season. Please check by title and by the league for any early or delayed starts of Practice Days. 

Enhanced Standing View

We have updated our current standing design with the esports colors and a new "My Teams" section for logged-in users. It will display your team's standings in the league, allowing coaches and players to see how they are doing. If you do not have a team in that league or are not logged in, you will see the overall standings first.

Standings will include Match Record, PlayVS Score, Series Record, and Game Record. This update introduces PlayVS Score, which is a combination of the swiss score and strength of schedule. The order of information on the standings is also the order in which ties are broken in our system, creating more clarity for our coaches. You can read more about how this will work in our Tiebreaker Article.

Other Product Feature Updates

  • Bye Matches Included in Team History - To create more clarity around the results of a team, we updated the team match history component to show when the team has a BYE.
  • Late Reschedules - Match rescheduling can now be accepted and requested by coaches after the match start time.
  • School Billing Pass Usage - Our billing page will let you view and track your players' passes at-a-glance, as well as provide information about your school's annual plan, player pack size, enrollment dates, and how passes work.
A full list of product updates can be found HERE



We are excited to announce we will be moving our Splatoon leagues to Splatoon 3 this Fall season to align with the broader ecosystem! In partnership with Nintendo, we will be providing every enrolled Splatoon 3 team with four Splatoon 3 game codes (valued at $240 per team) upon release on September 9th. Due to the Splatoon 3 release date, Splatoon 3 leagues will start preseason the week of September 12th, with the regular season kicking off the week of September 26th.

Hearthstone Card Unlock 

Beginning this Fall, teams that enroll in PlayVS Hearthstone leagues will gain access to accounts preloaded with card packs! 

Refreshed Fall 2022 Referral Program

This season we have added even more ways to give back - both to your program and the new school(s) that you help enroll. 

As a verified PlayVS coach, refer a new coach at a school that has never competed with PlayVS and we'll credit $500 to your PlayVS school account AND credit $500 to the referred coach's PlayVS school account if the referred coach enrolls a team in the Fall 2022 season by the registration deadline. Additionally, refer an athletic/activities director from your school district and PlayVS will donate $2,000 to your school if at least half of the schools in the district enroll at least one team in the Fall 2022 OR Spring 2023 seasons.

Full details can be viewed here.

We are here to help this season!

If you have any questions for us, please reach out to our support team at and join our Discord server.