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Esports making dreams come true

How esports helped one player reach new heights with an esports scholarship

PlayVS Staff
Oct 05, 2021

Meet Nick Montrief. A recent 18 year old high school graduate who has been able to use his skills in esports as an opportunity for success — Receiving a scholarship to the University of Akron where he will be playing collegiate Rocket League and obtaining a STEM degree.

“Growing up, I never thought this would happen,” said Montrief, who has been a life-long gamer. “But here I am going to a top school on a scholarship.” 

Montrief's mother, Cara, felt similarly at first. She didn't know that video games could be competitive and thought the concept of competitive gaming was "sort of weird". Seeing her son move up the Rocket League ranks worldwide, she realized what a powerful opportunity esports could be for Nick. 

When Montrief came to Lambert High School as a freshman, he felt alone. He had to adjust to a new school where he knew none of the other 3,500 students. But the esports program was quickly where he not only fit in, but learned to be a leader. Montrief told Coach Kevin Sapp to register for PlayVS and the students started practicing, with Montrief leading his Rocket League team to multiple state championships. 

“This esports scholarship can show other students it’s possible for them too as long as they put their mind to it"

-Nick Montrief

Lambert High School Principal Gary Davison is also hoping other students follow in Montrief’s footsteps. While Nick has been breaking ground, Davison knows that his scholarship will inspire other students to push themselves in the esports program and beyond.