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Get Ready for The College League of Legends Fall Invitational

We're doing jumping jacks, cartwheels, and the thing where you spin on the floor on your forearm because this Fall we get to host The College League of Legends Fall Invitational.

Sep 03, 2020

Today, here at PlayVS, we’re celebrating.

We’re jumping up and down. We're crying. We're screaming affirmations out the window. We’re doing the thing where you lie on you side, kick your legs and spin around in a circle. The reason we're celebrating is because we’re proud to host Riot’s officially sanctioned College League of Legends Fall Invitational.

College League of Legends, traditionally played only in the spring, will be offered in the fall for the first time ever through the College League of Legends Fall Invitational on our platform. It's a tournament comprised of participating conferences and regional teams. The invitational will take place over five matches, preceded by a qualifier round of five matches. This event is free for participating colleges and universities.

How does it work? We're so happy you asked.

Who is it for?

Any eligible school can register one team, but unlike the College League of Legends Season, spots are limited.

For regional conferences (i.e. North, South, East, West), the top 16 schools that register from each conference will be selected to participate in a double elimination qualifying tournament. Schools will be selected based on the ranks of their team members (more below). School registration is open now through September 21.

For participating partner conferences, member schools will compete in conference-specific qualifiers. Participating partner conference schools will be automatically placed in the correct qualifier, and will register as normal. Any member schools who are not participating in a partner conference qualifier are eligible to register in the respective regional conference qualifier, subject to the same selection criteria.

Qualifier Tournaments

  • One per regional conference or partner conference
  • Up to 16 teams, double elimination
  • All matches best-of-three
  • Registering teams will be seeded by the solo queue division of their top 5 players at the time of registration closing
  • Partner conference schools that do not participate in their conference qualifier are eligible to apply for open qualifiers, but may not participate in both
  • All rostered players will receive all champions through League Unlocked for the length of the competition

Participating Partner Conferences

  • BIG EAST Conference
  • East Coast Conference
  • Eastern College Athletic Conference
  • Esports Collegiate Conference
  • Landmark Conference
  • Midwest Esports Conference
  • Mountain West Conference

Advancing to Invitational

The number of invited teams per conference is based on conference rankings and number of participating schools. Final seeding and number of berths per conference will be determined after registration.

  • Regional conferences - 5-6 teams per qualifier
  • Partner conferences - 1-2 teams per qualifier

Invitational Tournament

  • 32 team single elimination
  • All matches best-of-three

Pumped? Yeah, us, too. We cannot wait fo help serve the League of Legends community by powering such a great event. Sign up here. Let's go.