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PlayVS College Fortnite Championship

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Nov 20, 2020

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Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information about seeding, tiebreakers, support, and everything else you'll need!

Watch all of the action @ all weekend long!


Day 1 - Heats (Saturday, 12/5)

Heats, Group 1

Game 1 - 5:00pm ET

Game 2 - 5:35pm ET

Game 3 - 6:10pm ET

Game 4 - 6:45pm ET

Game 5 - 7:20pm ET

Game 6 - 7:55pm ET

Heats, Group 2

Game 1 - 5:05pm ET

Game 2 - 5:40pm ET

Game 3 - 6:15pm ET

Game 4 - 6:50pm ET

Game 5 - 7:25pm ET

Game 6 - 8:00pm ET

Day 2 - Finals (Sunday, 12/6)

Game 1 - 5:00pm ET

Game 2 - 5:35pm ET

Game 3 - 6:10pm ET

Game 4 - 6:45pm ET

Game 5 - 7:20pm ET

Game 6 - 7:55pm ET

Championship Guide

Click here to read the Championship Guide for more information on the event, match seeding, broadcast, and more.


For Championship competitors, scholarship prizing will be made available for the top 50 teams. More information can be found in the Fortnite Fall 2020 Season Prizing article.

The top 50 teams will be determined by standings in Heats and Finals from both lobbies including all tiebreakers.

$100,000 in total scholarships will be awarded to the top 50 teams as follows:

  1. 1st Place - $15,000
  2. 2nd Place - $12,500
  3. 3rd Place - $10,000
  4. 4th Place - $6,000
  5. 5th Place - $4,000
  6. 6th Place - $3,000
  7. 7th Place - $2,500
  8. 8th Place - $2,000
  9. 9th Place - $1,500
  10. 10th Place - $1,250
  11. 11th-50th Place - $1,000 (each team receives $1,000)


Substitutions will not be permitted once Heats begin on 12/5 except in emergency situations. Emergency exceptions may only be permitted by a League Official..


Please use #support in the PlayVS Discord server for assistance during the event and to submit match results if you are unable to do so in the PlayVS platform.

If you have not joined our server yet:

  1. Click your "Account Profile" in PlayVS (top-left corner)
  2. Add your Discord account to the account connections list
  3. You should receive an invite to the server; if you do not, visit and join
  4. You should have the "Collegiate Player" role; if you do not, ping our team in the #playvs-support channel in the CCA server
  5. We will give you permissions in our server if you don't already have them
  6. Visit #react-roles in the PlayVS server

Important: DO NOT DM a member of our team without express permission otherwise we won't get to it in time. As mentioned, the fastest way to get a resolution is the #support channel.

Non-urgent player, team, coach, or behavior reports may be submitted to