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Lesson 5: Macro & Micro

Focus on the big picture and both you and your players will benefit.

Unsure of your game knowledge? Worried that might prevent you from effectively helping your players? Fear not, get to know the concept of macro game knowledge. The best thing you can provide your students — regardless of their skill level — is your perspective. Your players are in the heat of the moment, you can watch how each of your players working together looks at a high level. Because of your removed perspective, you will be able to see things your players could otherwise miss.

Justin speaks to this concept quite articulately in his final video. Take a look as him and Matt give some parting advice to new esports coaches.

Great job! You've completed Coaching Fundamentals. Our next course — Coaching Esports — dives into the specifics of each titled offered on our platform.

But, before you move on, click below to take our Level 1 Certification quiz based on the course you just completed. Once you pass, you'll receive your Level 1 Esports Coach Certification certificate. Good luck!

Coaching Fundamentals
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