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PlayVS Fall Coach Notes

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Dec 20, 2021

December 20, 2021

What's New
Spring Pause Announcements for Youth League and College
Youth League Spring ‘22
College Spring ‘22
League Reminders
Game Reminders
  • Remember to rest & recharge this holiday season. From all of us here at PlayVS, Happy Holidays!
Article Updates
  • Please visit and get familiar with our recently revamped layout for help articles at

December 6, 2021

What's New
League Reminders
  • New Mexico Spring ‘22 Enrollment - Reminder that early registration deadline is approaching December 17th.
  • For all titles, a reminder that any substitute players who are placed on the main roster for the match should be announced to the opposing team and coach. These changes must also be updated on PlayVS’s website prior to the individual match where the substitute participation occurs.
Game Reminders

For League of Legends, prior to submitting results, please verify the match results are not automatically updated. Submitting the results too quickly after the match could result in the stats of the match being removed.

Article Updates

Verify your championship match times, live in-person events, and streaming options in the championship broadcast article.

November 29, 2021

What's New

For the 2021-2022 High School Academic year, we have made the decision to transition our prizing back to scholarships. You can read more about this decision here.

Dark Mode is now available in your dashboard! Simply click on “Your Account” in the top right corner and then “Dark Mode” to enable it on your dashboard browser

Game Reminders

Check your Fall schedules for playoff dates and reminders!

Playoff start dates can be found here.

November 22, 2021

What's New

Congratulations to all the Fall finalists! Championships are coming soon so check your schedules for match day details. Many teams will have live broadcasting coverage.

League Reminders

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Prizing Reminder

If your student(s) still have outstanding or currently unclaimed prizing from the last academic year, in accordance with state bylaws, all prizing disbursement for scholastic events will be in the form of scholarships.

Game Reminders

League of Legends

November 16th Patch 11.23 Notes introduced some new items, objectives and in-game mechanics.  PlayVS highly recommends having your players practice with this new update as these changes will be included in the upcoming League of Legends Playoffs.


For Fall 2021, some coaches helped their students run the Youth League Overwatch teams through their school esports programs.  If you did this, please reach out to to verify and ensure player eligibility.

November 15, 2021

What's New

Spring Update Announcement

Take a look at our next steps for league health, feature updates, and player experience

Congratulations to the teams in Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts who are headed to the playoffs! Please refer to your individual schedules for your playoff dates:

League Reminders

Playoff Reminders

  • Playoff Rosters Lock: Please make sure your rosters (including substitutes) are set at least 1 week before Playoffs. No changes will be allowed after this time. 
  • Review Rulebooks for your League: Playoff & Finals sections will clarify. 
  • Match Reporting: We ask that the winning team’s coach submit the match results within 1 hour of match completion. Coaches are a crucial part in making sure the Playoff Brackets continue to progress.
Game Reminders

All Games

All game results need to be reported before the end of day November 19th to be properly recorded and counted.  Any games still pending results after this deadline will be settled by League Officials and not eligible for match dispute.

Article Updates

When ties take place, multiple factors go into account to determine a team’s rank. 

Team rank is determined by:

  1. Total matches won
  2. Total games won
  3. Total game losses
  4. In-game performance/strength of schedule
  5. Team attendance

We added a new guide for how you can capture game results with screenshots on your Switch!