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High Schooler Anderson Dewitt On Why He Jumped At The Opportunity To Become An Esports Athlete

PlayVS expansion into Virginia state competition came at the perfect time for this athlete.

PlayVS Staff
Jan 06, 2022

As soon as the Lafayette Rams enrolled in esports, Anderson Dewitt just knew he’d have to take his best shot. After all, the Virginia High School League – who partners with PlayVS to run sanctioned competition in Rocket League, Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, and League of Legends – had just added his school as one of many competing in the region. 

For Dewitt, that meant an opportunity to step up his game and enhance his skill set while satiating a drive for competition that began in other sports. He and his friends already played video games competitively, but being able to have a coach teach teamwork and stronger in-game abilities throughout the course of a season opened doors in his mind for a potential future in esports.

“I enjoy the competitive aspect of esports, but [previously] did not have many tournaments to compete in. So when I heard there was a school team, I knew it was something I wanted to do,” Dewitt told PlayVS.

Now that he has the opportunity to challenge himself in esports like never before, Dewitt is all but certain that his growth and maturity as a player in statewide competition will test his abilities enough to get where he wants to be: On a championship contending team.

“The excitement we all felt looking at the season rankings and seeing our names up there is what every player wants at the end of the day,” he said. “We all want to see ourselves at the top.”

Dewitt is no stranger to the drive that esports athletes feel. He’s been working out on the rowing team and competing as a soccer player for a few years. But his passion for becoming the best, as he tells it, is more in games like Rocket League. Not only that, but having friends turn into teammates (and vice versa) has made high school that much more engaging.

“I have gained several friends through it and memories I’ll never forget, in addition to experience competing at a top level,” he said. 

Dewitt’s experience competing in statewide esports competition also adds a new path into collegiate esports, once the time comes for him to think about a higher education and career path. And his parents are ready to prepare him for that outcome.

“My family is supportive of practically everything I do,” he told PlayVS.

An estimated 200+ colleges are offering $15 million in scholarships to players like Dewitt who grow and learn within the high school ecosystem of esports, a big reason we continue to partner with schools like Lafayette.

To learn more about the state leagues that partner with NFHS and PlayVS to implement esports programs, visit our guide to state esports leagues.

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