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New for Spring 2021: PlayVS Youth Leagues

Free-to-play and open to anyone between 13-18 years old, we’re throwing open our platform to everybody.

Feb 01, 2021

Folks, we’re excited to announce that our platform is now open to the public. For the first time in PlayVS history, players can compete on our platform in non-scholastic leagues in our newest product: PlayVS Youth Leagues.

PlayVS Youth Leagues are available to anybody between the age of 13 and 18 years old in the United States and Canada. Competition will be available for Fortnite (Solos & Trios) and Overwatch, with more titles coming in the future.

Sound fun? Click here to sign up.

This sort of league is new to PlayVS and we want to make sure you have answers to your questions. That’s why we compiled a list of answers to as many potential questions as we could think of.

General Information

  • How much does it cost to compete in Youth Leagues?

    Youth Leagues are completely free to compete in! As long as you have a copy of your game and the equipment to compete, you'll be able to compete at no additional cost!

  • When does the season start?

    The season begins the week of March 15. The registration deadline is May 2.

  • Can my school's program have teams participating in Youth Leagues?

    Yes, so long as your players are between 13 and 18 they are eligible for Youth Leagues. If you already have a school team you want to participate in Youth Leagues, you can easily recreate them in our product as a Youth League team.

  • Which platforms or devices can I play on?

    Platforms and devices vary by esport. Fortnite can be played on any device. At this time, Overwatch must be played on PC. For full breakdowns of platforms, visit our Fortnite page and our Overwatch page.
  • Do I need to buy the game in order to compete for Youth League titles?

    Unless the game is already free, then yes. Each player must own a copy of the title in which they are competing.

Player Eligibility

  • Who’s eligible to enroll in Youth Leagues?

    Anybody in the United States and Canada between the age of 13 and 18 is eligible to participate in Youth Leagues. There is no other restriction on who can play.

  • I already play on PlayVS with my school. Can I still join the Youth League?

    Yes. Youth Leagues operate independently from our scholastic product.

  • Are there restrictions on where I can play from?

    Nope! You play from anywhere.

Team Requirements

  • Do I need a coach?

    Nope! You do not need a coach to enroll in Youth Leagues.

  • How do I find teammates? Do my teammates and I need to attend the same school?

    Share your team code with friends, classmates, friends you have within the game, anyone! If you don't have others that you can add to a team, consider enrolling in one of our solo titles! Your teammates do NOT need to attend the same school.

  • Can I have teammates in different time zones or countries?

    Yes, so long as those countries are the US or Canada.

  • Can I be on multiple teams for the same esport?

    Yes, players can participate on multiple teams for the same esport. However, some limitations apply.

    Players may NOT participate on multiple teams for the same esport at the same time. Players may NOT participate on teams for the same esport and competition format. For example, a player may compete in NA East Fortnite Solos and NA East Fortnite Trios, however players may NOT participate in both NA West Fortnite Trios and NA East Fortnite Trios.

    If a player is added to additional teams for an esport within the same competition time or format, however only one team will be eligible to be enrolled.

  • How do solo esports work?

    Once a player is added to a solo team, that player is locked into that team. At that point there is no divorcing that player from their solo team. In solo esports there are no substitutes.

  • What are the differences between being on the roster vs being a substitute?

    A player on a team's roster is expected to compete in a scheduled match. A substitute is a reserve player on a team who may be inserted into the roster should one of their teammates on the roster be unable or unwilling to compete in a match.

  • I want to manage a team but not compete. How do I do this?

    Register for a PlayVS account, invite players to your team, and enroll it without including yourself on the team.

Additional Questions

  • What is the difference between High School Leagues and Youth Leagues?

    High School Leagues require a coach and that all members belong to the same high school.

    Youth Leagues only require players are 13-18 years old and reside in the US or Canada.

  • How many PlayVS leagues can I participate in?

    Players may participate in one league per esport per competition group. Competition groups are defined as our different products: PlayVS High School, PlayVS College, PlayVS Youth Leagues.

  • Why do I need to provide two email addresses?

    This is a new requirement for PlayVS users. All PlayVS accounts must have a personal email address linked to  their account moving forward. Your personal email address is used to create your PlayVS account. If you wish to compete in scholastic competitions, a separate school email address is required to verify you as a student or faculty member.

Click here to sign up for Youth Leagues!