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How does Season Zero work?

Season Zero is divided between a regular season and playoffs. The regular season runs from October 30th - December 18th. Matches will be played weekly on Tuesdays at 4pm and 6pm, for a total of 12 matches throughout the regular season.

Playoffs will take place from January 8th - January 29th. Each state will be divided into four regional conferences and compete in a single elimination bracket.

The conference champions will then advance to the semi-finals, with the top two teams competing for the state title, all at a live State Championship event — exact date and location TBA.

  • No more than 128 teams will make the playoffs.
  • Competition schedules will be released in October.

What states are onboard for Season Zero?

We’re excited to rollout early access in the following five states: Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

What if my state isn’t on the list?

You can still sign up for a PlayVS account! Get your school onboarded and ready to go ahead of the Inaugural Season starting in February 2019.

What is esports?

Esports officially stands for electronic sports, not to be confused with video games. It’s much more than that. What sets it apart is the level of organized competitive gameplay between teams and its own strict set of rules and guidelines. Esports is about teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and leadership — in all the same ways that traditional sports are and then some.

Today, esports is growing exponentially with 400 million fans worldwide who repeatedly pack out arenas. A recent survey shows that 72% of American teens play video games regularly. Currently, there are 200 colleges and universities offering almost 10 million dollars in scholarships. Establishing esports in high school enables students to do what they love and provides them with additional opportunities to earn scholastic recognition.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with the world’s largest gaming community. The game requires critical thinking and teamwork, where each player on a team of five must support one another to succeed. Learn more about League of Legends.

How do I get my school involved?

The PlayVS onboarding portal will help your school get fully prepared esports and will notify you when the season starts! You can create an account and go through the steps to build out your school profile in under half an hour. Get started here:

Do esports teams need a coach?

Yes! Each school is required to have an esports coach who is onsite for all matches.

Who can be an coach?

Any full-time faculty member at school can be an coach for the esports program.

How many players are on a team?

Each League of Legends team consists of five students. Each school is able to build as many teams of five as they’d like. Different esports will have different requirements for team members.

Who can participate on a team?

Students who are incoming freshmen or currently enrolled in high school are eligible to participate on a high school team and compete for their State Championship.

Does this program cost anything for my school?

There is no inherent cost for schools to start an esports program. If your school computer lab meets the minimum system requirements and can support the capacity of students interested in participating, you can get set up today!

Does this program cost anything for students?

There is a $64/season participation fee per student, which some schools may choose to subsidize, but will otherwise fall upon parents as in traditional sports. This goes to everything that is necessary for operating the league itself including support and the live State Championship at the end of each season.

What equipment do students need to play?

Each player needs the following: one computer/laptop and one set of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset). Students can use their own, or schools could provide these. Jerseys are optional.

How will the league be structured?

Each school year will be composed of two seasons, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each season will end in an in-person State Championship.

Where will matches be held?

During the regular season, players will login to the PlayVS platform on campus to play against other schools, who are also logged on at their own campus. This is a competitive interscholastic activity with no travel required. The season will end in an in-person State Championship.

How can non-players and parents watch matches?

All matches will be streamed online so that non-players and parents can watch students compete.

What games will be offered on the PlayVS platform?

League of Legends is the first game title to be offered on PlayVS in partnership with Riot Games. Additional game titles will be added for our Inaugural Season starting in February 2019.